HTC Hero vs Htc ChaCha

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I've just upgraded to a ChaCha and I’m very happy.  Here's the pros & cons compared to my old phone.
+++ Keyboard makes typing much faster & way more accurate.
+++ Power key ok top, so does not accidentally turn on in pocket.
+++ WiFi hotspot!!
+++ Efficient push (on data & battery), regardless of how many push apps registered (Android 2.2 C2DM).
++  App2SD
++  Volume rocker does't accidentally get pressed when holding phone.
++  Camera illumination
++  Signal Boost (Maybe only on Orange UK?) - Can use WiFi for voice calls if you’re at home/work and you have poor signal.
+   More responsive
+   Cut & Paste is much easier, even without trackball.
+   Lock screen shortcuts: Open camera straight from lock screen!
+   Power saver when battery low.
+   Proximity sensor
+   Front camera
+   Less weight
+   Thinner
+   Battery is a bit better (even with push enabled) - Hero battery is 18mths old though.
?   Micro USB
?   No trackball - cursors & better copy/paste make up for this
-   Wider
-   Have to rotate screen for some apps.
-   Smaller screen (Same resoluion, rotated):
-   Status bar uses more of screen
-   No trackball status LED (very bright on Hero).  ChaCha uses top LED instead
-   SD card under battery
--  Home screen has less space for widgets.
--- Orange UK ChaCha is full of bloatware so is quite short on memory.
The low memory really was an issue, especially as apps grew in size and various updates.
My old HTC Hero (even with App2SD) can still fit more info on it.
Oh, and Over the last 18 months, I've had 5 of these, because the touchscreen kept failing.
Lasted 9 Months: dust in camera liens
DOA - Touchscreen dead spots
Few Months - Touchscreen dead spots
Few Months - Touchscreen dead spots
Few Months - Touchscreen dead spots
What's the point having it replaced?
Got the use of a Samsung Galaxy S2
Pity it doesn't have the ChaCha keyboard
S2 Camera focus is not as good as the ChaCha either.